Just imagine that you are having a head full of hair again. Maybe you’ve been wondering that all the men in my family have lost their hair early so i will lose them too since its in genes . No! Its not going to be that way for you. You can now regrow your lost hair on scalp, and help prevent any further hair loss. Start using all Natural Provillus hair regrowth treatment, and you’ll be astonished after seeing the results.

Provillus testimonials for Men :

provillus testimonials for men


Provillus testimonials for Women :

All the women in my family lose their hair early.” No! It doesn’t have to be that way for you. You can re-grow lost hair, and help prevent further hair loss.With the all-natural ingredients in Provillus for women, you can get the results you’re looking for!
We have been selling Provillus in our salon and have experienced fantastic results with our clients, both men and women. It’s a great product. Thank you.

–Sarah, California

I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating such an amazing product. After a few months my hair is looking full and I can look in the mirror and smile again.

–- Heather, Chicago

I have taken so many different products in the past that never worked for me. I started taking your product for a few months and I started noticing the regrowth of my hair and I was shocked.

–- Nancy, Nevada

provillus testimonials for women

While Androgenetic Alopecia is considered as the prime factor why people experience hair loss, but its not the only one reason. Certain medical conditions like  hypothyroidism, ringworm & fungal infections may also lead to hair loss. There are certain medications such as blood thinners, gout medicines, pills used for birth control and excessive intake of vitamin A can also lead to sudden hair loss ,similarly a crash diet, sudden hormonal changes, chemotherapy treatment and radiation treatment. If you are taking prescription medications, talk to your doctor and find out if your medication is contributing to your hair loss.

how to reduce hair loss naturally

At any given time 10% of our hair is in what is called a resting phase and after 2-3 months resting, hair falls out and new hair grows in its place. Some people, however, experience more hair loss than is normal.

Over here are some excellent resources on how to prevent further hair loss:

  1. Avoid excess-intake of vitamin A. Excessive intake of vitamin A can make your hair to fall out.
  2. You can practice certain exercises, do yoga and meditation or any other such practice that will help you in reducing your stress & anxiety levels.
  3. If hot oil or such chemicals are causing inflammation to the scalp, discontinue their use ASAP.
  4. Always make use some gentle shampoos & conditioners to avoid any unwanted damage to your hair follicles.
  5. In men, natural herbs such as saw palmetto & licorice root extract and zinc supplementation helps in blocking the formation of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). According to scientific studies these supplements can also  prevent prostate enlargement effectively.
  6. Apply some rosemary oil and massage your scalp with a base of olive oil. Use of rosemary oil and massaging your scalp daily can stimulate the circulation of blood in the scalp area and that in turn will promote hair growth. Again, if you are noticing hair fall, go and check with your doctor to make sure that any serious disorder isnt the cause for it.


Here is a cool video explaining about one such natural method to reduce hair loss:

provillus official website

If you are wondering what are the ingredients used in provillus,are they natural,safe  then this page will answer all your queries.

The biggest worry that everyone has before using any kind of new hair loss product is whether it possess any side effects when applied on the scalp.This is probably the main reason why many men & women opt to keep their hair loss products  at arm’s length. However now there is a new product available in the market called Provillus hair regrowth treatment that will reduce the requirement of such artificial products.The best thing about provillus is that it is very safer to use on the head and has no known side effects,scientifically proven and is successfully used by thousands of men & women worldwide.

The reason being that Provillus is made from 100% natural ingredients which are medically approved,and will not cause any side effects on the scalp.

Following are the natural Ingredients in Provillus :

• Vitamin B6  -> More about Vitamin B6
• Biotin -> More about Biotin
• Zinc -> More about Zinc
• Saw Palmetto -> More about Saw Palmetto
• Pumpkin -> More about Pumpkin
• Magnesium -> More about Magnesium

From the links that are provided above, one can easily find that they are well  suited and approved for hair loss reasons.

None of the ingredients used in provillus formula are harmful to the body and all of them are non-toxic. Its Not just that the ingredients used in Provillus are natural, but this product itself has been clinically tested in labs numerous times, in order to make sure that it is safer and easy to use. Several men and  women who have already tried Provillus are extremely happy with the results and the best part is that the product does not have any side-effects.



how much does provillus cost

Looking for how much does provillus cost .Following are the pricing details of the Provillus hair regrowth treatment,that will help you make a right decision of choosing the best package according to your need and save some money at the same time.

Provillus Offers 3 Different Packages that You can Choose From While Ordering:

  • Package #1:   1 Bottle for $49.95
  • Package #2:  3-Bottles – (Buy 2 ,Get 1 FREE) – (Saves you $49.95)
  • Package #3:  5-Bottles – (Buy 3 ,Get 2 FREE) – (Saves you $99.90) –  Get FREE Shipping

Provillus is a great value product, and has been clinically tested to be the best hair regrowth treatment on the market available that not only prevents hair loss but also strengthens and nourishes the scalp for perfect growth of the hairs. Provillus currently offers 2 FREE  Bottles with the purchase of a 5 Months Supply and offers a strong 90 Days Money Back Guarantee.

The good thing about Provillus is that it has received great medical reviews, user feedback and is a natural safe way to stop hair loss and boost hair regrowth product available in the market.

Provillus can only be purchased online from the provillus official website and is not available in stores.The transaction is safe,secure and protected, and can be done using your credit card or via Paypal.


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